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Free shipping: Hemp rope decoration for Gubarev drums, Rav drums, handpans, steel tongue drums, pan drums


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Free shipping!!!
Rope decoration for all metal drums: Gubarev drums, Rav drums, handpans, tank drums, happy drums and other steel tongue drums.
Made with hemp rope.
Natural and Eco material.

if you have instrument with:

circumference 110cm – diameter is 35cm
circumference 157cm – diameter is 50cm
circumference 173cm – diameter is 55cm
circumference 188cm – diameter is 60cm

custom size in request!

Attention please!
The instruments of different models and manufacturers differ in size.
Please specify the exact diameter or circumference of your drum when buying.
The rope is woven in such a way that its nodules can be weakened, or vice versa, tighten with hands, so that the finish looks as beautiful as possible on your instrument.

in youtube:

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