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GUBAREV drum Plus Frozen Flower with rope decoration




GUBAREV drum Plus of decoration Frozen Flower with rope decoration. Music instrument.
Big tongue drum with nine petals – hand made music instrument
from Dmitrii Gubarev from Ukraine.

Available scales:

African (F) G Bb C D F G Bb C
Avalon (F) G Bb C Eb F G Bb C
Celtic Minor (F) G Bb C D Eb F G
Enigma (G) Bb C D Eb F G Bb C
Enigma (F) Bb C D Eb F G Bb C
Hijaz (G) Ab B C D Eb F G B
Hijaz (F) Ab B C D Eb F G B
Hokkaido (F) A B C D E F A B
Kurd: (F) A Bb C D E F G A
Kurd: (G) Bb C D E F G A С
Kurd: (A) Bb C D E F G A С
Mystic ( F) A Bb D E F A C D
Ukrainian (Bb) C D D# F G G# Bb C
Ukrainian (G) C D D# F G G# Bb C
Custom Scale on request


Model Gubarev drum Plus differs from Gubarev drum Standart presence of additional (bass) petal at the top of the instrument.
Additional bass note mimics sound of handpans ding to a significant degree and expands the possibilities of this drum.
Also, like other petals, bass is tuned in octave of overtone, providing a living and rich sound.
Bass lobe can be configured in the tonic (the main note ranks) that makes it easy and intuitive to build melodic lines while playing on the Gubarev drum.


Stainless steel.
Steel thickness: 1/25 inch (1.2 mm)
d = 19,68 inch (50 cm)
h = 8,66 inch (22 cm)
weight = 8,15 lb (3.700 kg)
Handmade engraving

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