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GUBAREV drum Standart Ethnic with rope decoration




GUBAREV drum Standart Ethnic – incredible pure bright sound and veeeery long sustain.

Recommended scales for this model:
Arcana A C D E F G A C
Equinox A C# D E F# G# A C#
About GUBAREV drum Standart Ethnic

Gubarev drum Standart is a large tongue musical instrument 50cm in diameter from stainless steel. My innovation consists in the method of tuning. Manipulation and forging of the tongue causes very interesting effect – one tongue produces 2 notes instead of one: main tone + overtone, which is commonly tuned in one octave higher. The main note sounded along the length of the tongue, and the note of octave higher sounds across its width. It is hard to understand, but very simple to hear. So when you play the Gubarev drum you can hear the main tone plus additional «steelpan-like» overtone which is tuned on 1 octave higher (also it can be tuned in another interval, but 1 octave is the most universal tuning)

Also, you can play these overtones separately – you need to hit underneath the tongue. You can hear the high note which we call «flageolet». It is similar to playing flageolets on guitar or other string instruments.

On the upper hemisphere is a hole that serves as a resonator. The Standart model has a very rich bright pure sound with a long sustain. Each instrument made with love completely by hand, from rolling out a metal mold to tune each petal and authoring by an engraver. The drum has a beautiful warm copper-brown color due to the heat treatment of stainless steel. Therefore, the drum is not susceptible to rust and discoloration, and engraved patterns look especially amazing.


All engraved drawings I make with my own hands by a metal engraver. That is why every Gubarev instrument looks unique. The engraver removes the top brown oxide layer from the metal and leaves behind a silvery line. I try to use national Ukrainian motives or sacred symbols of kindness, love and peace. The copper-brown color formed after heat treatment of stainless steel gives the instrument a nobleness and a vast field for decoration with engraved patterns and ornaments. Also, the surface of the drum will not change its color and will not rust, and the owner of a unique instrument will always attract attention.


I need about two weeks to manufacture your Gubarev drum.

I ship worldwide. Express shipping take up aproximately 10 days.

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